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BERMUDA NURSING COUNCIL — Bermuda Nursing Act 1997 (Amended July 2010) & Nursing Rules 2010

Consists of 9 members who hold office until the 31st December in the year succeeding the year in which they were appointed or elected, unless appointment is cancelled by other provisions of the Nursing Act 1997.   The Chief Nursing Officer is ex officio; three members shall be general nurses of whom one shall be appointed by the Bermuda Nurses Association (BNA) and two shall be appointed by the general nurses of Bermuda in elections conducted by the Council; one member shall be a nurse specialist; one shall be an advanced practice nurse appointed by the BNA; one member shall be an elected nursing associate;  The Minister of Health shall appoint a medical practitioner and a person who is not a nurse , nurse associate or Medical Practitioner and whose training or experience could assist the Council in legal and /or ethical matters.

The Council is a body corporate and may sue and be sued and hold and dispose of moveable property of whatever kind and enter into contracts and do all things necessary to discharge its responsibilities.  Its principal objects are: to promote the science and art of nursing; to develop and maintain high standards in the practice of nursing; to advise the Minister on matters related to nursing; to administer the system of nursing registration instituted by the Act. It may also order the name of a general nurse, specialist nurse, nurse practicioner or nursing assistant to be struck off the Register if found guilty of disgraceful professional conduct or has ceased for a substantial period to participate actively in the practice, theory or administration of nursing.


BNC Objectives

The Bermuda Nursing Council is:
  • the regulatory body for advanced practise nurses and nurse associates in Bermuda.
  • governed by the Nursing Act Legislation of The Goverment of Bermuda.
  • a proud affiliate member of The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)


BNC Mission

Protecting the health and well-being of the public through regulation of nursing practice and education in Bermuda as governed by the current Nursing Act (2010).


BNC Vision

Protecting the health and safety of the public through regulation.


BNC History

The Bermuda Nursing Council was established by the Nurses Act, 1969.  This Act was repealed and new provisions regulating nursing were cited as the Nursing Act 1997.  Amendments to the Nursing Act 1997 were made and the Act is now cited as the Nursing Amendment Act 2010.
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