1. What does the BNC (Bermuda Nursing Council) do?

As stated in the Bermuda Nursing Act 1997 and Nursing Amendment Act 2010 our functions are:

  • To promote the art & science of nursing
  • To develop and maintain high standards of nursing through evidence-based knowledge and involvement with international organizations
  • To advise the Minister of Health & Family Services on matters relating to nursing
  • To administer the system of nursing registration instituted by the current legislated  Nursing Act 1997 & Rules 2010


  1. How long does it take to become registered and get a license in Bermuda?

Upon receipt of all of the required documents the registration may take between 4 – 6 weeks


  1. How do I get employed in Bermuda?

There are advertisements on-line at either The Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) or The Ministry of Health or in health-related magazines for jobs in the health profession in Bermuda. Log on to their website and they will share their process for job application with you as well as the immigration requirements which can sometimes be lengthy. Just remember that you are required by Bermuda law to obtain proof of registration from the Bermuda Nursing Council (BNC) in order to practice as an RN in Bermuda.


  1. Can I file a complaint or report about an unsafe health professional to your Council?

Yes. The BNC’s role is to protect the public from registrants whose fitness to practice is impaired.  In these circumstances the BNC can restrict or remove a practitioner’s registration.  Reporting a case of unfitness to practice to the BNC is based on the belief that the conduct, practice, or health of a registrant is impaired to the extent that public protection may be compromised. For details regarding unfitness to practice please download the forms below.

Instructions (pdf)
Referral Form (pdf)


  1. Who has to take the English Language Proficiency examination?

Any applicant with English as a second language is required to provide evidence of successful completion of an internationally recognized Proficiency Exam. Click here for more info.


  1. Who is eligible for a BNC Scholarship Award and how do I apply?

Students who are enrolled in an accredited School of Nursing or one that has been approved by the BNC are eligible to apply for the BNC Scholarship Award. To apply you will need to download the application or pick one up from the BNC office and return the completed form with the required documents by the assigned deadline. Click here for the Application.


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